Reactiva-Trail Experience

The reactive-trail  tour experience of Mallorca is divided into 9 stages of about 15-20 km each, for those with the intention of reactivating body and mind, in addition to performing the mythical route, this is your opportunity. Every stage is a unique experience and a challenge, you can choose to do one of the stages or all. 

The walk starts from Pto de Andratx, San Telmo, Estellencs, and continues through, Valldemosa Lluc etc, each day is different. Crossing this way all the Sierra de Tramuntana, the World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The walk includes guides, facilitators and therapists who will each teach us something that will help us to get the most out of the reactivating experience. Reactivating our body and mind. The healthiest Exercise in nature, respecting it to the fullest in long sessions to connect with it, self-repairing massages, awareness and active meditation, coaching, yoga, survival techniques, Geolocation and many more surprises. Making each stage a unique experience.

The brave ones that manage to finish the 9 stages / challenges will obtain a certificate of Reactiva-T that will be given in a dinner together with all the participants.


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