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Immerse yourself in the stunning nature of Mallorca. Walk the Dry Stone Route of the Serra de Tramuntana that provides the perfect surrounding to take you to your deepest thoughts, to connect with nature and yourself, to breathe and reactivate yourself while taking in the breathtaking views of mountains, sea and the villages that lie below. The journey is yours while our Walking Gurus are at hand to guide you offering self-development activities, advising on meditation and breathing exercises and how to take in the energy that nature offers.

  • Tour:   

Invest the time in yourself by hiking the whole Tramuntana range of the Dry Stone Route and benefit from the time spent in nature which comes with continues self-development over a period of 9 days. Let go of what is not needed anymore, refresh your mind, leave the business of every day life and allow yourself to be surrounded by tranquillity, fresh air and stunning surroundings that makes it easier to concentrate on ourselves and recharge our body and mind. Our Walking Gurus will offer daily exercises and techniques to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to and to guide you to the reactivation of yourself. We have split the daily hiking stages to be manageable by all so you can divide your concentration effectively. Accommodation is not included; however we can offer advise and direct you to many available options to choose from. Below description gives you a glimps of the route and what to expect, but not spoiling the experience as it will be very individual for all participating.

Day 1: Starting point in San Elm taking the route to Estellencs. Moderate route and a great introduction on what lies ahead. Combination of up hill walk as well as relaxed pace with changing views along the way.

Day 2: From Estellencs to Esporles, beautiful climb up a rocky mountain with rewarding views at the summit. Taking it slow to be managed easily and enjoyed by all.

Day 3: From Esporles to Valldemossa, two beautiful villages with easy climb and tranquil path in between.

Day 4: From Valldemosa to Deia, great day for exploring within ourselves as this route provides plenty of space and time to do so.

Day 5: From Deia to Soller, an easier hike to give you chance to relax and enjoy the historic village of Soller and Port de Sóller. Take in the culture and local way of life by enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice in the plaza, take the historic train ride to Port de Soller and dip in the sea to refresh. It is as important to allow yourself to indulge in what life has to offer as it is to work on oneself.

Day 6: From Soller to Tossal Verdes, indulge in the most solitary and rugged Mallorca mountain range passing the gorges and streams on the way to the remote overnight stay.

Day 7: From Tossal Verdes to Lluc, you will be well guided through this more difficult path and rewarded by ending the day in Lluc; home to Monastery of Lluc, considered the spiritual place of Mallorca.

Day 8: From Lluc to Port de Pollenca, gentle route that offers plenty of thinking time and concentration on what you have learned and a preparation for the last reflecting day.

Day 9: From Port de Pollenca to Cap de Formentor, the final stage of the trail which in moments will push your limits and allows you to reflect on the days passed. Connect with what nature has to offer and charge yourself with lasting thoughts of what lies ahead in your life. Take it all in standing at the ‘End of the world’ and let your eyes feast on the beauty that surrounds you.


Reactiva-Trail Mallorca on the Dry Stone Route.
  • Tailor Made:

Great opportunity to be creative and design your own tour with our help. We can offer experience specific to your needs and the time available. From 1 person to a group of friends or professionals; from 3 intensive days to 5 days with highlights to the full 9 days, depending on what length of time is suitable to you. Please send us a request with your details, possible dates, number of people and expectation and we can put together our proposal that suits your needs.